5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Web Hosting is a high tech service that stores and makes available website files on a server so as to make for easy access by internet users.

Hosting services are most likely to be provided by Web hosting companies who offer a wide range of packages to suit different needs.

Technically speaking, the choice of a web host is by far one of the most important considerations to make, when launching a new website for a business or company. It is highly important because it serves as a yardstick determining how relevant you will stay in the market.

Assuming the website to be created, is not readily accessible,, then you may be loosing quality Customers, and may also create a bad image for your company, because not everyone has the patience to put up with a disorganized website.

In making this choice for right website hosting companies, uptime and load time are the most important factors to consider, in addition to pricing plans.

Meanwhile, the cost of Web hosting in Nigeria depends on factors like bandwidth, reputation, storage space, server location, and support services offered by the hosting company.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Here’s the list of some reputable Hosting companies in Nigeria:

1. Smart Web Nigeria

Known by many Nigerians to be fast, reliable and secure, SmartWeb is a very good option to subscribe to, when seeking a Web Hosting Company to start up your new website.

Smart Web is also one of the most affordable hosting companies in Nigeria. With varying hosting plans open for one to select from.

You can actually decide which plan to start with, and then gradually upgrade with time. Have a look at their hosting plans and their prices below:

Starter package — ₦5000/yr.
Standard package —₦6,500/yr
Business package —₦10,000/yr
Premium package —₦15,000/yr
Cooperate package —₦22,000/yr

Meanwhile, like every web hosting plan, it is advisable to choose pay yearly, so as to see you save more.

2. WhoGoHost

Unarguably one of the most Popular Hosting Company in Nigeria, WhoGoHost boasts of more than 9,000 active customers and over 23,000 active domains registered with them, in the business of Web hosting, they are old hands, they have been here for a while.

WhoGoHost is also an accredited IBM business partner, a Google Suite reseller, a Cloudflare certified partner, and an Inter Switch partner.

Their basic package would cost you ₦800/mo or ₦8000/yr.

This plan gives you access to 30 GB of bandwidth, 10 subdomains, 2 add-on domains, a free .NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, unlimited databases, and 24/7 support.

3. Qservers

Qservers is also one very reliable website hosting company in Nigeria, primarily because of their service uptime.

QServers’ starter package would cost you ₦900/mo and just ₦9000/yr.
Here’s what you get as part of your package: 2 GB of storage, 8 GB of bandwidth, a free.COM.NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, 5 subdomains, cPanel, unlimited MySQL, and daily backups in case something goes wrong with your website, and you need to restore it.

4. Domain Racer

They are are not just popular because of their cheap hosting plan, they are also reliable, safe and secure for any website.

Domain Racer provides hosting services such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, LMS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Application Hosting (WordPress, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, Web developer, Node.js, Magento, Joomla, Drupal).

All these services are at a very affordable price.

5. Web4Africa

In the whole of Africa, they are one of the the best hosting companies, though when Compared to other hosting companies in Nigeria, their hosting plan is way on the high side.

With about ₦1,200 you can get started with their Mercury plan, but at a discounted rate of ₦9000 annually.

With this plan, you have access to cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, a free .COM.NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, unlimited add-on domains, cPanel, unlimited databases, weekly backups, and a very fast support team.


Having gone through this very article, hope you were able to find out the surest hosting company in Nigeria you can go for.

Those hosting companies will give you the best user experience and you won’t for any reason regret using them.

If you have any question or suggestion to render kindly use the comment box below and please do not forget to share this very article, thanks.

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