Simple Hacks On How To Get Followers On Instagram

Smart hacks you can try out, to grow your Instagram Followers from 0 to 100k!

Unarguably, this question has generated much controversies amongst Instagram users and influencers, each trying to possibly give an answer or an honest opinion on what they think is most appropriate and more likely to be the perfect approach to handle the situation.

This has created so many disparity amongst them, but the truth remains, there’s really no exact or fixed methodological approach to this question ripping Instagram users in two.

But there exists numerous ways of getting up to 100k followers on Instagram, it all depends on some factors like Niche, influence and many more.

Meanwhile, why do I even need this?

What is the goal of 100k followers?

If you want to have a successful career in the media space, or you are running your own business, or maybe you just want to enliven your social media presence, as a full-time Influencer, then you need to understand how social media works and be able to use the systems, just like this one to rake in some profit.

Simple Hacks On How To Get Followers On Instagram (From 0 To 100k Followers)

Nonetheless, here is how you can get 100k followers on Instagram

1. Using Hashtags:

One of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram is with the help of valuable hashtags.

Picking out several lists of common hashtags that you have used to produce engagement in the past can be important.

2. Posting Useful Contents Regularly:

The term regularly implies that one shows forth a great deal of commitment towards what works. Consistency is the key. You have to keep working daily to always have useful contents displayed on your IG page.

Posting in peak hours when active users are stuck to their phones, can also see you convert more followers in no time from your viewers.

3. Connect with Theme Accounts:

Theme accounts are usually IG accounts with large followers scattered across the length and breadth of countries round the world. So the idea is, you are getting in touch with them and using their widespread recognition and influence to give your own IG account a terrific boost.

Theme Accounts create their own contents from time to time, but they often share contents from other creators that tallies with what they represent, niche-wise now.

How it works is this, the Theme Account that decides to share a creators content will tag that creator in the content and instantly that creator is in front of MILLIONS of audiences in one click.

If I can read your thoughts well, you are asking, how can I connect with these theme accounts?

It’s that so simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Research on theme accounts that covers that Niche.
  3. Send a message to them with your full details and objectives.
  4. Start creating your contents regularly once personal terms have been agreed.

And that’s it, theme accounts is a sure way to getting as many as 100k followers on IG in the least possible time.

4. Leveraging On Apps And Other Tools:

Yes, you can sky rocket the number of your followers on IG with some cool and easy to use apps, that can be downloaded from any of the online stores.

All that is needed is for you to sit down with the app and grasp it’s cool features and then launch out, in no time, you will be getting tons of followers flocking in their numbers.

This method is more or less an organic approach when compared to the others.

If you can try out and follow up these hacks, I bet you, your IG account is on the way to exponentially increase with Followers in q short while.

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