10 Smart Tips On How To Make Money Online As A Nigerian Student

Every student will admit to the fact that, money is an essential part of the education journey, and shortage or lack of it could spell panic and anxiety for some students, because there is no existing platform, they can confidently turn to for support through the rainy day or period.

Nobody needs telling how the educational system of Nigeria is structured in such a way that it siphons money out of students, almost on a daily basis.

Lecture materials, feeding & upkeep, accommodation, transportation and so many other things are few channels which money leaves students.

But the stark reality is that they must be met, as failure to meet them may spell terrible consequences.

How do I solve this issue, and stay perpetually above this money wahala in school?

If that is your question, then you are on the right page, allow me show you practical ways to earn money as a Student.

Meanwhile, let it be sounded as a word of caution, that these activities should be termed and treated as side hustles, so as to avoid distracting the main focus, which is academics.

With that said, here are online activities that can keep money flowing towards you as a student.

10 Smart Tips On How To Make Money Online As A Nigerian Student

Below on this segment, I’ll be dropping down a detailed guide on how you can make money online as a Nigerian student;

1. Freelancing

With a good passion for Writing, you can convert it to a cash minting machine, by taking up writing and other editing jobs in well trusted and reliable sites like Fiverr, upwork or even a blog site.

The good news is you don’t need much to start, your smart phone is enough to start earning.

2. Blogging

As a blogger with an already existing blog, you just need to be patient enough to direct traffics to your site, by posting refreshing contents on your blog, that can see you monetize it soon with Goggle AdSense, or any other ads.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is really not a big deal, as many think it to be, it just involves you promoting a company or organization’s goods or services online, for a fixed amount of money known as Commission.

4. Selling Resource Materials on Online Book Stores

Amazon, okada books and other books selling and online publishing stores, can help you put up those beautiful fictional work of yours online for people to download as e-book.

5. Online Tutoring

What is that thing you love doing as a person? Do you know you can have fun doing it, as well teaching others, in exchange for cash.

Cooking, baking, singing, sewing or anything you consider yourself an expert in, can be taught. Someone somewhere is willing to pay for your wealth of knowledge.

6. Data/Airtime Vending

Let’s be creative here guys, for you to be reading this now, you probably purchased airtime or a data bundle, how about if you are the one selling to others now?

You can start selling to those around you for a start, and then maybe make it full-blown later.

7. Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading has proven to be an amazing online business venture in recent times, with many people making millions from it.

With the right Knowledge you are also a potential candidate for millions.

8. Web and App testing

You can get in touch with newly developed or developing sites and apps, and give a feedback of what their site or app looks like, in exchange for some cash.

9. Coding and App Development

If you’ve got high tech Knowledge on the subject of coding, then here is where to apply it. Either as a consultant or a programmer, you can still take in millions, creating or supervising Apps.

10. Online Graphics Designing

If you are good in creating eye catchy fliers, logos, templates, mock-ups or any other art work, you can make this one source of steady income.

High ranking Websites and few companies will definitely be needing your services online.


The list goes on and on, but please remember this; You don’t have to be great to start, you’ve start to be GREAT. So start !!!

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